triple digits

black shorts/grey crop top: urbanoutfitters, dress/whiteprint tshirt/ orange tank: f21, highwaisted khaki shorts/ high waisted blue shorts: WetSeal circa 1999, orange crop sweater: thrifted, cutoff shorts: diy, wildchild tank: primark

for the entire month of august except for one day we were over 100+ degrees.. breaking records and all sort of things.  which really puts a damper on wanting to you know.. wear clothes.  and the clothes i wore... see above.  probably doesn't help put a stop to people asking me if i was ready to go back to school.  ITS JUST TOO HOT MAN.  and i'm only going to like.. the grocery store.. or post office.

i'll wear 'adult' clothes in the fall.   maybe.



  1. i love all those outfits, they're perfect for the hot weather! seriously, there's nothing you can wear in the heat and still be comfortable! :(

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  2. You look stunning in shorts, love all the variety you own! Cute hot weather outfits!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  3. I hear ya! I am hoping September brings us some rain and cooler weather. But not holding my breath.

  4. Summer clothes rock! It's already freezing cold here and I miss my skirts! I have unfortunately converted to adult clothes already... Your dogs are too cute btw!


  5. i know i can't believe how hot it was just a week ago. now its nice a cool at 91 degrees!

  6. You look so cute wearing all these outfits! and the dogs are adorable!
    Have a lovely day
    Sara C.


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