Suit yourself.

Suit: Theory, Shoes: Kenneth Cole, Shirt: H&M

So I finally plunked down some money to get a decent suit. No, not a suit like this. It's really hard for me to spend a chunk of change on clothing when all I really want to do is buy more equipment so I can make the photos I want to make. I mean, this suit costs just as much as me getting a much-needed light unit for high key lighting. But, it's time I started trying to dress better- fewer clothes, higher quality.

This is my second suit ever, the first of which I had originally gotten just out of college to use on job interviews when I was interviewing to be a lab technician in Houston's medical center. I remember I had gotten my first suit at Macy's at a reasonable price, but now that I look at it, the pants are too long and it's the old man baggy fit rather than a tailored european fit. My good friend's wedding was just the excuse I needed.

There's something to be said about wearing a well-fitted suit. While Nicholas Cage's uber-douche scene in Family Man bugged the heck out of me, there is a little bit of a confidence boost in wearing a nice suit. I picked this up at Nordstrom Rack- I figured every guy needs a navy blue suit in his wardrobe, right? Over the next month, I bought all the other things to pull together the outfit. (yes, I screwed up the picture- one of my arms is not shorter than the other, I was in a rush to attend a wedding and didn't check the photo at the cuffs)

I went from feeling like a little kid wearing his dad's suit to feeling like, hey, I DO work in corporate america. I felt a little more suave, a little more aggressive. I imagined maybe I could finally start looking more dapper like Don Draper in Mad Men. Except I would probably be less mad. Probably. Maybe I would finally be suave and get the ladies. But then I realized Don Draper probably does not go home at night and look at pictures of animals and funny gifs on the internet. And this made me a little bit sad. As the saying goes, you can put lipstick on a pig, but at the end of the day, it's still a pig. And you can put a nice suit on a nerd, but that's not gonna change anything.


  1. I hear ya! It's so hard for me to splurge on investment pieces when I know that the money could get me furniture for my apartment or better studio supplies. In the end though, it is worth it.


  2. Very Double-0-ish, Dru!!!.

    I rather like it.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!


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