hot summer

 leopard skirt
black top: three dots, silk leopard skirt: thrifted, mini bag: chanel, shoes: zara

man it's a hot summer... hot hot summer.  been triple digits every day for awhile now..  and yes, i totally just linked to a kpop video.   i managed a smile despite today's world market crash.  SRSLY bye bye 401k, it was nice knowing you.

of course prior to this scary return of the dare i say recession, the hubby picked up an ipad2.  it was supposed to be his new toy.. but of course it turned out to be mine ours.  AND we're totally the type of ppl who leave the plastic things come with on until it's impossible to use anymore.. because you know we're just compulsive like that. luckily for us,  sent us a clear skin for the back. it fits perfectly, has a good texture/feel, was super easy to put on myself, and now i don't have to place a cloth down on the table before placing the ipad on top of it.  kidddding... i didn't do that... the husband might have though. *cough*

so clear you can't even see it.



  1. Hello, cheetah print maxi skirt, how you keep me cool on hot daze. (Yes, I said "daze", that's what what dese summers beeze.)

    I don't even want to look at my 401(k) right now. I bet it's abysmal.

    But you look cool, and that iPad will keep you nicely preoccupied.

    Can we please make Air start to update more? Instagram ain't enough. :(

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  2. IRYC: Dude, I'd totes visit you and Air anytime (budget notwithstanding) if you didn't live in Texas! :)

    NOT ANY TIME BETWEEN April and November! LOL.

    One day, one day.

  3. love the skirt, and your hair is so pretty, love the ombre effect :)

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  4. I've been meaning to ask, did you do the ombre thing yourself? I want a little bit on the ends, but I'm not sure what color.

    Love the long skirt and crop shirt proportions.

    I'll be getting an ipad2 soon and I can't wait - although I'll probably take the plastic covering off after about a week :)


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