This. Is. Not. Me. -Dru
(Uh, click on the photo- the picture got cut off. Stupid blogspot- this is why xanga is better haha)

Greetings wewearthingians!

So I've been on a long hiatus in this hot houston summer not having new clothes. In fact, I am pretty sure I've used 3/4 of these outfits featured in prior blog entries. What's happened since then? Well, as you might have deduced, I spent 2 months growing out my facial hair for this little photo idea I had in mind. Because obviously clothes are a statement of who you are, but it's also interesting to see how much the perception of you changes with just a different arrangement of hair and fabric and body posturing.

So which one is actually you? Maybe it's just an amalgamation of all of these personalities, and you just choose which one you want everyone to see.
(Photo inspired by this)

In other news, I bought my first pair of "designer" jeans. I decided I would finally make the plunge and head off to Nordstrom rack and buy a pair of se7ens (it should be more like $e7en$), of which I am slightly cognizant that someone had told me no one buys designer jeans anymore- that was SO 2000's. But hey, stretchy jeans! These are like the perfect compromise between the trendiness of denim jeans mixed with the soft reassurance of sweatpants. Don't worry, I got them for a somewhat reasonable price at Nordstrom Rack, so now I can use that money saved to buy more food to test how elastic these jeans actually are.

Until next time!

Oh, and if you had any questions directly for me (just so Issa doesn't have to sort through them), you can ask me here directly on askdruthings!


  1. So cool, your pix and the idea. And yeah, blogspot is just a pain trying to post photos... can't control nada...

  2. hi dru!!! love these pics. and it was great seeing you the other day!

  3. i love the mustache!! it looks awesome on you!!


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