WWT is 6 years old!

It started 6 years and 1 month ago.  with this photo.  A dark awkward photo where i attempted to cover my face while i sneakily took this in  my office at work.

WWT started as a collaborative blog with me and my former college roomies Roslyn and Jeannie from UT who were all in different places in our lives literally and figuratively.   I thought it would be a great way to show off our varying styles.  I mean it was a fun distraction and from the norms of everyday office work.   Photos at work,  my bedroom, and  my backyard were the usual settings for my outfit photos where even Renji made several appearances, and for a time WWT was kinda popular.  I started to make skirts, sell them on etsy, and they did incredibly well!  Eventually we added in DRU to give some humor and guy-centric outfits to the blog.  And while Roslyn and Jeannie got busy with life, i took the helm to keep the blog alive.  All the while doing some fun collaboration shoots with new found friend Tramanh from Phi-Style.  we bonded over our love of fashion, food, and of course shopping sales.  Eventually i left the world of IT and corporate life, to start up my own creative studio in film, of course i never quite left the blog alone, a few hiatus' no doubt, but still tried to kept it up.  which leads us to today 6 years later, now with Alice a NY makeup artist, vlogger, has joined the mix periodically, as well as Fifi (tramanh's sister).  Nowadays photos are mainly in my new backyard with renji and eliza doolittle making not so frequent appearances.  After going through my past photos. i realize i haven't changed too much i guess.. although my hemlines have gotten longer. WITH AGE >_<  but i totally was wearing midi skirts, crop tops and boyfriend jeans back in 2009.

With June marking the 6 years of WWT it was also exciting that this happened in the June issue of Marie Claire.

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  1. always one of my favorite fashion blogs! hooray for 6 years...and many more to come (i hope!).


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