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Baliloca is a new Houston-based handbag company who have created a unique leather bag that's worn across your shoulders.  It's not quite a backpack though because the bag fits more under your reminds me more of a holster.  Purse holster.  

The creators got their idea for the bag while traveling abroad in Bali, and while it is designed to be optimum for traveling the idea is that you can also wear it even domestically while doing activities such as jogging, shopping, clubbing, etc.

I think the bag is ideal for music though.  It would be good for music festivals and concerts because it solves the dilemmas of (1) having to carry around an annoying purse or bulky backpack, and (2) awkwardly dancing around while carrying an annoying purse of wearing a bulky backpack.  Now you can dance party freely and wildly while wearing a purse holster!  

I just had flashbacks of a concert where the band asked fans to get on stage and dance along with them, and there was this group of girls who got onstage then were standing in a line with these big purses slung over their shoulders awkwardly swaying and grinding to the music.  It was very uncomfortable to watch.  They needed Baliloca.  And to not stand in a line while doing that.  


  1. Perfect! :)


  2. Love your shoes!! You look fabulous..nice outfit! <3

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