istanbul acquisition

top: forever21 | shorts: isabel marant x hm |  necklace: Grand Bazaar in Istanbul | shoes: Target

when we went to Istanbul a few years ago I didn't know quite what to expect from the Grand Bazaar, it was a large market mainly covered, but stock full or stalls of handbags and jewelry.  Not to mention an enormous amount of knock off things.   so pretty much the usual market fare in a foreign country.   another regular occurrence?  being yelled hello by shopkeepers in every asian language possible.    although Marrakesh you won with yelling ' Oppa Gangnam Style' as we walked by. and yes i will buy your orange juice.

anyways back to the grand bazaar - jewelry, rugs, handbags, prado wallets. you get the gist.  after many trips abroad it was about time i got an grown-up souvenir,  that's when i came across this fabulous necklace,  and decided it was time to haggle.   me and the mr. are terrible at haggling.  like TERRIBLES.   how are we asian?   but we struck a deal and i got this and a lovely ring to boot. jewelry that doesn't turn my finger or neck green, now that's a treasure.

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  1. I hate haggling, I can't do it. I'm just like "this is the price? great, I'll take it."
    Love your shorts, they are so fabulous.
    Chic on the Cheap


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