WWT picks: Hari Mari

Hari Mari recently sent WWT some of their flip flops to try out.  With spring finally emerging, it's the perfect time for pedicures and sandals.  So when I'm not in heels, my shoe of choice more often than not is something easy and comfortable like flip flops.  PLUS we're a sucker for supporting local brands. and Hari Mari is from right here in Texas.   AND they donate a portion of each sale to help kids battling cancer.   SO there's comfort for your feet and the good feels of supporting a good company.

I got the new Lakes style - which is a leather sandal, and pretty comfy.  Fifi got the scouts in pink, I KNOW Fifi in pink.  i liked it.   AND now you can get a $20 off your first pair

Here's some details on what Hari Mari is all about: 

CANCER-FIGHTING: Hari Mari donates $3 for every pair of flip flops purchased to help kids with pediatric cancer secure treatments & medicines vital to their fight. September is National Pediatric Cancer month, where we double that commitment to $6. 

HUE-DRIVEN: Hari Mari's simple, energetic designs navigate the color spectrum: oranges to blues, greens to browns, and then some, bringing color to a market saturated in black and brown.

CONSTANT COMFORT: Each pair is built with patented memory foam-lined toe pieces, supportive foam arches, and soft-squeeze rubber mid-soles to keep feet in constant comfort. 

MADE RESPONSIBLY: Hari Mari's are made from recycled rubber and foam.


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