ripped jeans, skin was showing.

sweater: primark | jeans: zara | shoes: zara
oh yeah i just quoted carly rae jepsen. not ashamed.  this is also one of my favorite sweaters, and yet it's also one of my most hated.  WHY?  because these loosely stitched/ crochet like sweaters catch on everything, PULLS ALL OVA THE PLACE.  so dainty i have to be wary at all times when i'm wearing it, but then at the same time i love it.


  1. Beautiful shoot! The jumper looks so toasty and warm. The white jeans are too cute aswell! xxx

  2. I love the top. I also love ripping jeans and actually I got 5 ripped jeans here too. :)

  3. Just discovered your blog! Love finding other Houston blogs. Cute neutral outfit..perfect for Spring!



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