plain jane.

dress: zara | shoes: miu miu

there's something about Zara.  i cannot not buy something when i go there.  and this was the latest acquisition.  there she was hanging in the TRF section, that impulse mostly guilt-free section SUCH GOOD PRICING.   sure she was simple,  and a little plain, but she caught my eye, so i picked her up and left with her without even trying her on for size.  A hasty decision?  Maybe.

   it was fresh face, just washed hair kinda day when i cut her tags off.  no turning back now. ie. no taking her back.  you know that feeling.  the back and forth before cutting off the tags of something new, unless it's from like... forever21 (BUT EVEN THEN)    such commitment.   but now she was mine, forever... or until i post her on poshmark.  


  1. It's definitely not plain! It's elegant and simple, and I love it!

  2. Lovely look!

  3. That skirt is stunning!

    Corinne x

  4. so glad to see you love zara as much as i do! :-)


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