triple date.

top/skirt: topshop  | shoes: prada | sunglasses: forever21 | mini bag: chanel

i picked this ensemble up back when i was in London while it was 50 degrees there, but i thought it would be perfect for back home.  weeks go by and i still didn't wear it. what the heck was i waiting for?

so i finally decided to cut the tags and wore it one night when i had 3 events to go to.  you read that right. THREE.  actually there were four, but that would have been ridiculous.  Anyways there were ironically two app parties one a preview for a new fashion app called StyleWhile, and the other a Poshmark event.  In between the two, I stopped by Edward Sanchez Vanity Lounge to meet Kirsten Kjaer Weis and check out some of her luxury beauty products.

and now a grainy photo with lazer eyes from the poshmark event along with Mishelle and Bethany-

By the way you can sort of shop mine and fifi's closets on Poshmark. @issarocks  or @fifiphi
we promise to list more items. O_O


  1. lovely outfit, love it so much!


  2. lovely!
    thanks for stopping by the other day

  3. Oh,I really LOVE your outfit :)
    Have a lovely night :)
    xoxo Vesi from

  4. Oh you look pretty. I cannot pull look off but you did a great job. Thanks once again for visiting my blog Issa.


  5. Love the dress! Great look!


  6. Really cute!! Love this look on you!

  7. Really cute!! Love this look on you!


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