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I can have riveting conversations with my sister and my friend Michelle about a wide variety of topics.  Including pants. Black pants.  Skinny-fit.  I have had so many conversations with these two about skinny-fit black pants.

A good pair of skinny-fit black pants are a miraculous thing though. It’s a classic silhouette that always manages to look fresh.  You can wear them from work to da club.  They lengthen you.  And make your legs look like this:

| |

Which in my opinion, is a great thing.  Prop them lines on a pair of major heels and top them off with a leather jacket and it’s like, UGH. SO GOOD. Or a fur jacket? STOPPIT.  TOO GOOD.

Below is some evidence of my black pants fandom.  Obviously, I’ve come a long way from the year of no pants.

Some pants tips:

  • Figure out what you inseam is. This will make online shopping so much easier and can save you a trip to the tailor.  For me, I know my perfect range is 27-29 inches.  Yes, crop pants are normal pants on me :(
  • That being said, take the time/effort/money to get your pants hemmed.  So annoying to have to go to the tailor right?  But your almost-perfect pants that you hardly wear can become perfect ones that you wear all the time.  
  • Don’t wash your pants too often, and when you do: wash in cold water and air dry.
  • Narrowed your pants decision down but still a tiny bit uncertain? If the store has multiple pairs in your size, try them all on.  Sometimes the same size can fit differently.  Even in same exact style.  
  • If you have pets that are prone to shedding, keep a lint roller in your car and/or desk at work
  • Buy a pair of black ankle boots to wear with your black pants.  Trust me. You will look so. bad. ass.

I wanted to share some of my favorite pants-picks (all either owned or tried on by me) so that you too can become a crazy pants lady.  Wait, is that where the term “crazypants” comes from?  From someone who was obsessed with finding and talking about the perfect pair of pants?  Suddenly everything and nothing makes sense.

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  1. Haha, thanks for the pants tips. I'm going to go buy some boots and look so bad ass. ;)



  2. thanks for your comment :) i follow you!
    amazing pants, your outfits are so amazing and... wild? love it!

    ANECIA ♥ aneciawashere.blogspot.com

  3. Great pants!

  4. these all look so great on you! and a good pair of skinny black pants always look so good. now you're making me want to go find the perfect pair :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  5. nice!
    do you want to support each other?:)


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