Same Sky

If you've been a regular follower on here of my twitter/instagram  you've seen me volunteer, attend or promote various  non-profits dealing with helping all sorts of things from animals to people, but especially women and refugees.  When I was getting my Simon Fashion Now post ready for the Galleria I learned about Same Sky, an accessories shop dealing with just that.  Focused on empowering women, and changing lives.  I love shopping for a cause.  Just look at the difference you can make.

Same Sky is a fair-trade initiative that offers employment to women living with HIV/AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa. Trained as artisans, Same Sky women earn 15 to 20 times the average wage to hand-crochet beautiful glass bead jewelry. Instead of a handout, SAME SKY believes in giving women a hand-up and the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty. 100% of net-proceeds from the sale of SAME SKY’s jewelry go to buying materials and employing more women artisans. 

For more information, please visit:

Just one purchase makes a huge impact.

•             One Sky Bracelet buys an HIV+ artisan healthcare for an entire year.

•              A purchase of a Sky Necklace provides an artisan’s child with education for an entire year.

•              A purchase of a Hope Necklace can buy can artisan food for an entire month.

•              Your purchase of a Prosperity Bracelet provides an artisan with clean drinking water for an entire month.

•              A purchase of Faith Earrings buys an artisan’s family charcoal for the entire month.

•              A purchase of cuff links buys an artisan’s family clean drinking water for an entire month.


  1. What an awesome brand and cause. What's most awesome about it is, of course, the charity behind it, but it helps that it's really quite stylish! Bookmarking for future.

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  2. these are beautiful pieces and love that the proceeds go to a great cause!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  3. That's beautiful, I love stumbling across fashion with a cause and fair trade companies and I love that you donate your time to various organizations too. You go girl!



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