The Middle

top (similar | similar): Urban Outfitters | skirt: T by Alexander Wang | heels: Saint Laurent

My sister, brother and I regularly discuss fashion.  Our conversations usually involve trading opinions, photos, and shopping items that adhere to a modern, minimalistic, monochromatic aesthetic. All that Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, Helmut Lang, Raf Simons, Comme de Garcon...basically if it's black, usually leather, and a little weird--we want it.

But at the same time that I want to stomp around in leather boots and drop crotch trousers, I can't escape my love for a femme look. But hey, no one ever said that you had to adhere to just one aesthetic.  I guess both a pair of pin-up heels and lace-up boots can feel like home.

I actually ended up changing this outfit up a bit before I went out in it.  I decided that the crop top + skirt + heels combination felt a bit how do you say?...Ah yes....ees too sexay, and so I ended up pairing the top with some high waisted gaucho dropped crotch shorts and blocky heels.  So, I suppose I did find some middle-ground. 


  1. I love your top! Great colors and it looks really nice with the fit of your skirt and shoes!!! Have a wonderful day! xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

  2. I love your heels and the top! So pretty! Also I am a Houston Blogger as well! :)


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