The Medina.


the fes medina is considered to be the largest and oldest medieval city in the world. if you think the medina in marrakech was something, the one in fes is a site to behold, but not without a guide.  winding skinny alleyways and dead ends at every turn.. a place where even the locals can lose their way.  we sadly only had 24 hours in this amazing city, but we've vowed to return.

we had a guide direct us through the maze that is the old city of fes, stopping by to see many artisans doing their thing.  so did we buy things?   why yes, my friend.  yes we did.


  1. Amazing pictures! Beautiful city, would love to visit it someday! :)
    Love your backpack!
    Glitter & Blush

  2. Ha I remember being in Fes for a day a couple years ago and it was sooooo stressful! People constantly trying to con you. It was such a shame, because the inner city was truly beautiful! You should check out Chefchaouen if you have time - it was my favorite city in Morocco by far!

    Sophisticated Lace

    1. oh no!! I read about fake guides etc, so I made sure we hired a guide through our Riad, and it was fine, he did stop by all the usual places like rug shops.. but otherwise we weren't bothered by any of the cons out there.


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