Have a Nightcap

ZZZZzzz. Oh, just taking a snooze at MoMA Education Center.
Some time in December I received a very intriguing invitation:

“In celebration of Saint Lucia’s Day, which is the official start of the holiday season in Sweden, Hästens invites you to their showroom on December 13, to take an authentic Swedish snooze.”

“Sure. Why not?” I thought.

You know that thing they say about never going back? Well, I can’t unexperience the Hästens bed.

I didn’t really get around to napping, but I sat in their… let’s call it “convertible” bed, in recliner position, for about half an hour and stared, zombie-like at the flat screen they have bolted to the wall-- mesmerized by the video they have on loop in the Union Square showroom.

Every Hästens bed is custom handcrafted in their original Köping, Sweden factory with natural, breathable, and biodegradeable materials—not to say that they are not durable. Hästens backs up its 160 years of experience with a lifetime guarantee.

But, enough about the beds.

Previous to my extended stay in Hästens Union Square, I had walked by and admired the spiffy Hästens check through the window many times. I had no idea that they had accessories!   

photos by Alexandra Shook

I’m wearing:

Nightcap: Hästens, of course
Dress: Bebe
Shoes: Louis Vuitton
Bag: CFDA/ Ebay “Can’t Fake Fashion”

Please check out Hästens on Facebook and vote for my nightcap photo ;) and, while you are visiting Facebook, pay me a visit too!


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