the sahara.

rode a camel through the sahara.  and you?

Checking out some scenery on the way to Erg Chebbi - aka THE SAHARA DESERT.

 So the thing with camels are... not overly smelly and didn't spit, and mine was super cute, and albeit a little bit scary to ride at first (never rode a horse before) it does get a bit uncomfortable.. especially since the trek out to the desert camp takes 1.5 hours.  but it was AMAZING..  like IS THIS REAL LIFE, amazing.  of course they only let you bring a backpack along for your camp sleepover, which meant no change of clothes, gross, not gross. it's the desert.  sand is everywhere anyways.
we arrived at sunset and climbed a giant dune to see it which is actually painstakingly super hard, so much sinking in.  after wards we got to see our camp, had a traditional berber feast, with music and dancing after under the stars.

the next morning they woke us up before 6am to go out to see the sunrise.  and after a chilly nearly sleepless night because of what i had only imagined was a sandstorm happening outside, trekked over to a smaller dune to see the sunrise with the rest of our camp.  after a quick breakfast we were on our way back... to hot showers before we went on the rest of our adventure.


  1. this is AMAZING!!! probably something i will never do, so thanks so much for sharing this experience. stunningly beautiful photos!

    1. awwww glad you liked the photos.. who knows!! maybe one day you'll make it there too ;)

  2. so awesome issa! i would totally do this. one day... thanks for sharing!

  3. Me recuerda mucho cuando fui a Tunez y montamos en camello, fue una experiencia muy chula!!! Las fotos te han quedado preciosas!!!


  4. LOVELY!!!! great pictures!

  5. These shots are amazing! This is something that is definitely on my bucket list and something that I have to do one day!
    Winston & Willow

  6. issa, who takes the photos with you in them?

  7. your outfit is amazing! perfect for the desert. I rode a camel too, its so much fun!

  8. I loved how you actually dressed for style. Too many dress in athletic gear which I get but it doesn't make for such good photos and fashion!!


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