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top: zara | pants: h&m (similar) | shoes: Louboutin (similar) | bag: celine
had the pleasure of meeting the man himself Christian Louboutin.  the mastermind behind the red soled beauties.. a surreal moment for sure.

i remember when i purchased my very first pair.. several years ago.. i spotted them on the sale rack at Nordstroms.  They were an unassuming pair of of mary janes with a kitten heel.  i had yet to own anything really high end.. but Louboutins were definitely on my list.. of one day to own.. which also included a chanel bag and hermes scarf.  for 60% off i could not resist and after some slight begging to the husband.. they were mine.   since then the heels have gotten taller..  way taller.. luckily since i'm super shopper.. majority of my pairs of FANCY SHOES have been at least 50% off if not more.

when i first got into this designer shoe craze, the husband asked me.. would you rather have 1 designer pair of shoes or 7 pairs of like nine west shoes?  i opted for the 1..  of course.


  1. OMGG, I want a pair!!!
    Seem you had such a great time!

    XOXO, Collage Minimalista

  2. Those shoes are stunning. And it's so cool that you got to meet him!

  3. You always look fabulous! With or without the red soles!

  4. Wow so lucky!
    Great outfit!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    Style in the City

  5. You're definitely a super shopper! That specialty boutique they're opening up here in Houston is going to be really really dangerous

  6. Amazing you got to meet the man himself! Yes, I'd definitely choose the 1 designer shoe option over 7 other shoes haha!

  7. Great outfit, lucky you!

  8. You should have worn a pair of knock off Loubs from China to see if he noticed. J/K!

  9. Great outfit!

  10. what a dream come true for sure! xo

  11. Love your outfit! But your Celine bag tops the list!

    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  12. Could not agree more about one pair of designer shoes vs. 7 pairs of non! How cool that you got to meet CL.

    Sea and Swank

  13. how amazing to have met him - I don't yearn to own a pair but I sure wouldn't say no!

    ♥ Thankfifi
    Thanks so much for your comment today :)

  14. Congrats... Duyen gave up on meeting him...


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