blue & cream

blouse: thrifted, skirt: thrifted, heels: Louboutins necklace: charming charlie's , bracelet: low luv x erin wasson

wore this to a meeting recently - the silk blouse seemed lightweight and breathable, but the heat here is just too unforgiving, that anything with sleeves seems like a no no.  can't wait for some cooler weather.. or even some rain.



  1. when did your hair get so dark? i like it! also, next time i'm in houston, we go thrift-shopping together b/c your collection is getting ridiculous. aka: just sell me stuff too, ok?

  2. Gorgeous color mix, that necklace is to die for!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  3. love the color of that top! and i am the same way, when it is hot out, anything that sticks to my skin feels like i'm wearing a sweater or something, no matter how light the fabric, i get soo hot!

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  4. I love this outfit. And yes! breathable silk for the summer, cant argue with that. Classic :)

  5. Oh I didn't realize silk was good in heat - I would've thought the opposite lol. You definitely look very cool and breezy here!

  6. that shade of blue and also the fabric gives you such a light on your skin. Very nice outfit!
    Sara C.

  7. LORD ALIVE, where in the hell have you been? Living a real life, or something? How dare you!


    It's been like in the 100s here, too. AND HUMID. It's gross. Insufferable, actually.

    I can't wait to move to Hawaii and have tradewinds blow the shit away.

    You look amazing, of course.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  8. This is such a great look! Totally my style...

  9. So cute! Your necklace really pops against that blouse!


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