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so a few weekends ago, i took a last minute trip to LA with some friends to visit MOAR friends.. and ALSO to do a blogger meetup with a few fabulous LA bloggers. SOOOO GREAT TO meet up with Becca, Mel and Steph (cool ppl use -half names)  we gossiped, chatted fashion, and future meetups at a popup shop in the west hollywood area.  the rest of the weekend was spent enjoying time with jeannie aka tokyostargirl (whom we surprised by the way) while exploring LA, scavenger hung style with comic book shops, food trucks, scotch served in bowls,  and of course karaoke.  enjoy a few pics.  and if you're brave.. video.


  1. Hi hon! Super cute photos and video!! It was so great to finally meet you and thank you again for my lovely shirt! I so hope we can hang again! xo, mel

  2. awe, fabulous photos and video ...I hope you had fun while you were here!

  3. These pictures are soo beautiful! Especially love the one with all the columns using the fisheye!


  4. wow! can you tell me where the pic of you guys on the bench overlooking LA was taken?

  5. great pictures. what a sassy group of folks. love the fisheye pictures. your sweater/coat thing is stunning!!
    happy drunken christmas...

  6. Beautiful photos!!

    Nikki xx

  7. man, STEPH is so awesome, you're so lucky to have met her!

    I APPROVE & signed off on the video, so you know that i love it.

    See you in March!!

  8. Actually, I agree with that chick Steph. She seems totes awesome. Haha.

    So fun to meet you & Dru! Loved your pics and video!

    Stay in touch!

    xx, becs

  9. whats the song played in the video? i like


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