last minute gifts.

A few last minute gift ideas...

For the retro videographer.  The Zumi Digital.
who doesn't love some 8mm film goodness and lo-fi stills?  I wouldn't mind finding this under my tree. *hint*
for the photographer. a lens mug or a super sweet camera bag.
who wouldn't want this stuff?  santa add these to my wishlist plz  kkthxbai.

For the nostalgic gamer and/or game night hosts - Monopoly Streets
I was actually given the opportunity to sample this game, and after the initial learning curve.. have been playing it every day since.  it's somewhat addicting, and a good game to play for a small game night (4 players max).  i'd have to admit it's WAY easier than the actual game board version,  no need to mess with and keep track of your own monies, the game actually moves a lot faster this way.

A gift with a cause, for the philanthropist - a scarf from the community cloth
I've helped this local non-profit a few times, which helps local refugee women artisans with education and opportunities. All the scarves are hand made by the refugee artisans and they receive all profits from the sales.
for the holiday decorator/ baker - a silpat or a super adorable Christmas ornament!
this silpat is the most useful thing EVER.  any baker will LOVE it.  and i actually pick up a hallmark ornament each year.. i think this will be the one i get for my 'kitchen tree' this year. cupcakes! i like.

for the vintage loving fashionista.  prettymuchnew
you know i had to stick this in there right?  a few new cozy one of a kind winter items up in the store. do check it out!


  1. my coworker gave me the nikon lens coffee mug. and i love it!

  2. Issa... i love those two sweaters from PMN!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. Love the patterned sweaters from PMN and that xmas ornament!

  4. Oh that lens mug is awesome and I will have to keep that in mind for a future bday gift for someone!

    xx Vivian @

  5. love ittttttt:) pls check it out when u have time:)xx

    merry xmas:)

  6. After clicking on the camera bag, I spent a good half hour looking through everything on Photojojo! They have the most creative and mind boggling stuff, I'm so glad I came across it on your blog :)


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