Shoes: Kenneth Cole

I buy new shoes about as often as the Olympics occur- once every 2 years or so and generally about the length of time it takes for me to destroy it through daily abuse. Generally it’s a tradeoff between casual and work shoes, which is why you will see the re-occurring brown Kenneth Coles and black Johnston & Murphys on my picture posts.

Aside from my running shoes, I seriously only own 2 pairs of shoes which I wear everywhere. This may be a fashion blog, but I am still a guy and utilitarian in nature. Any more shoes for a single purpose puts you into the metrosexual territory (though, you know, there’s nothing wrong with that). Also, as with men's clothing, men's shoes tend to be prohibitively expensive. Yes, you women have louboutin and manolos, but for a man to find nice shoes (aside from casual footwear), we're spending at least a benjamin and a half. This is why women's closets are littered with shoes and men's closets have a handful.

Well, election day came and went and Kenneth Cole decided to have a 44% off everything in the store sale to celebrate the 44th presidential election. With that, I managed to snatch up a pair of Kenneth Coles I had been eyeing since my trip to New York in September. At the time, I couldn’t justify purchasing them due to the ridiculously extravagant meals I was consuming over there, even when they had been on sale for 20% off. But 44% off? That, I could manage.

So now I am able to differentiate between my black Johnston & Murphy work shoes and a more casual black pair of dress shoes for a night out. I like the leather sole and clean look to it (laces always seemed a bit messy to me). This newest addition brings my shoe family to a healthy family of 4. I am still looking for a more casual shoe that I can wear with shorts (Perhaps something by onitsuka tiger or penguin) to hit 5 pairs, but I’m pretty satisfied with at last knocking out the four primary shoe groups as suggested by the FDA (Foot and Dress Administration): Casual (t-shirt & jeans), Nightlife (dress shirt & jeans), Work/Formal (dress shirt & slacks), and Athletic (t-shirt & shorts).

To be continued...


  1. wicked shoes! I love this pale gold leather. u r right, when it comes to variety and choice women are somewhat luckier... maybe because men are more sensible and only buy what they need and not everything that shines! change ur specs boys:)

    *fan of ur posts dru!!

  2. I wish my boyfriend the same taste in shoes that you do... *sigh* One can dream, right?

  3. Hey! great bargain,and nice design!! :)

  4. At least you've been to Japan before! I haven't :(


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