Orange you glad to see me?

Sweater: H&M, Jeans: BDG, Shoes: Kenneth Cole

My friend Tramanh (one of my friends who I occasionally consult for fashion advice and who has coincidentally started up her fashion blog again) once told me that good fashion is not about just wearing what's trendy or what you like, you have to know what looks good on you too.

I figure, good fashion is like the Supreme Court trying to define pornography- you’ll know it when you see it (conversely, you cannot say pornography is like good fashion to justify watching pornography. This does not work from my- er, my cousin’s experience. Yes… my cousin’s...).

This makes things tough when I don't think most things look very good on me. Having a singular fashion blog for guys is difficult, because I can't pop up in a skirt one day and be like, “HAY GUYS” and then be all “O HAI” in a dress on another. We're pretty much limited to pants. And that makes up about half the outfit.

So basically that means almost all variation is derived from above the belt, which is helped tenfold by layering. Except layering doesn’t work when it’s 80+ degrees outside almost year round.

Other than my work slacks, I don't normally wear anything besides jeans. And basically with jeans, you're pretty much limited to the following options: tight or tighter and various shades of blue. I don't think wearing brown pants, etc looks very good on me or say, pinstripes, etc etc.

Because, you know, I’m nearing thirty and the hipster look kind of fades out a few years after college. While vests and skinny ties I think look passable with age if worn carefully, deep V-necks and skinny pants are not (and on guys, I don’t think they should be at any age). I dread the coming decade when my wardrobe of Threadless t-shirts becomes unacceptable for my age. It’s kind of like the war in Iraq- I don’t really have an exit strategy for 20-something attire and the locals just want to be liberated from all (clothing) oppression in general.

Ah yes, yet another irrelevant post. What’s that, Issa? You mean I have to talk about the picture or something or get off the stage? *sigh* I guess I should justify my choice of outfit. Today I’m wearing my favorite brown/orange sweater. You can’t see it in the photo, but there are spiffy orange lines running down the length of the arms. I like how the zipper is on the side shoulder and the colors match my shoes. WHEEEEEE!


  1. "It’s kind of like the war in Iraq- I don’t really have an exit strategy for 20-something attire and the locals just want to be liberated from all (clothing) oppression in general."

    ^^ Haha. OMG -- if it weren't 11:36 pm over here and everyone weren't asleep I would have laughed out loud at that. That is genius. Why can't I write like that? Ahh.

  2. Marc Jacobs wore a skirt.
    But then again...

  3. HAHAHA DRU!!! Awesome post, YET AGAIN. Fantastic humorous writing. AHHAHAHA "hay guys" "o hai" were my favorite parts.. and your random analogies! hahahaha and nice sentence on your actual sweater!

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaha. YOUR COUSIN'S experience. I get it. ^^
    No, don't ever wear pinstripes. Pinstripes, in my opinion, are horrible on both guys and girls.

  5. haha I love the way you write and agree with everything said in this post. I've always felt bad for G and his limited clothing options as a's definitely much, much easier for women to be fashion-y.
    Anyways, I'm really loving the little pops of orange in this outfit.

  6. why you not like brown pants?

    i agree that guys are slightly more limited in the variation in their fashion choices, which is why it's all the more important to focus on what you CAN vary. accessories, for example? hats, scarves, belts (ahem), shoes (AHEM).

    i'm going to order deep v-neck long sleeve shirt today with you in mind.

  7. I totally agree here.
    ps: I accidentally deleted my blog, I'm starting over :(

  8. it's important to define a person's own style and know what looks good.

  9. Hahaha another funny post! Yeah men's fashion for some reason is always trickier than women's. And I agree with you, I can't stand super skinny jeans and deep v-necks.

  10. Great sweater, Dru! And love the S.C. reference!


  11. yeah that's true it's important to know what you can wear and what not :)

  12. Dru you should seriously consider writing as a profession!!! I was laughing out loud... your analogies are quirly and original... wish I could write that way!

    I love your sweater and man, you've got an awesome shoe collection!!!!

  13. Love that sweater! It so doesn't look H&M, even though my boyfriend loves and finds the best sweaters there.

  14. This is te very opposite of my boyfriends regular attire. haha, he's not a very fashiony person

  15. Dru, you always write the greatest guy posts. I'm glad you care enough to do it.

    I wonder about shoes, though. Do you ever spend any time talking about those?

  16. Very nice! And I'm intrigued by those shoes...
    I always thought guys did get the short end of the stick with clothing options, but you guys did get the suit. Put that on and you look smashing! We have the LBD, but that can be touch and go.

  17. love your posts and your wit! the exit strategy bit was hilarious! and ur shoes...seriously hot.

  18. Hey,
    I've been ill - so have to catch up on your blog!
    Looks like you've become a regular blogger too, great!

  19. Hiiiii
    Thanks so much for your wishes dear ....
    I had an amazing wedding and i'm still enjoying my newly wed honeymoon days..hihi..

    take care,

    Lucy and Raymond

  20. U R funny!!See I always thought guys got the better end of the deal b/c they don't have to consider too much when getting dressed.

  21. loved this post. & that outfit is so good :)

    La C


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