jury duty

skirt and top: h&m; shoes: ninewest

so today i had jury duty... luckily they ended up not needing us for any cases.. but we did sit through a few justice of the peace weddings while waiting.. so that was kind of interesting.
this skirt was one of my very few purchases while in ny.. and my first time to wear it.. i figured it was appropriate for court. anyways i hope everyone had a good weekend! seriously.. skirt making will commence soon! :)

also the gorgeous tiffany from i am stylish tagged us awhile back..

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(4) List five reasons you love your state!

1_ Texas pride! Texans have ridiculous amounts of state pride.
2_ BBQ c'mon it's Texas.. and we know bbq.
3_ Diversity.. Despite many misconceptions Texas is surprisingly quite a diverse state both in its people and in the landscape.. from the hill country to the drylands to the coast... and no we do not all ride horses. :)
4_ Austin... me, roz and jeannie all went to the University of Texas.. so we know Austin... from 6th street.. to ACL fest..to SXSW.. it's just perfect.
5_ no state income tax... haha ok that's kinda a weird one. how bout this. Southern Hospitality.

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  1. Adorable.
    Great skirt on you, dear.

    4 reasons I love my state? HMmm. Florida.
    1. Oranges
    2. The beaches
    3. Sailing
    4. I can wear shorts all year (sometimes a plus, sometimes, not so much..)

    xo/ fashion chalet

  2. chic outfit.
    texas huh? I assumed you own a gun.

  3. Great top! the zipper from the bag is really cool!


  4. You're a knock-out in that ensemble. chic and elegant. I bet you were the most gorgeous jury member there.

    Thank you heaps for tag! That's first.. I've never seen this one. Interesting.. no state income tax? How does that work? Do you then have a separate one for the federal taxation?

    My aunt who currently lives in Washington D.C. did her doctorate there as well I believe.

  5. i am dreading the day i have to do jury duty. argh. the one thing i couldn't talk my way out of. what is a justice of peace wedding?

    is that shirt new. because i think i need it or i will die. zip down back! yes please!!

    you're looking stunning. if this skirt was one of your few purchases, then you did very well :)

  6. Lovely outfit - the blouse is great and I love the detail on the skirt!
    Hope you enjoy your day dear :)

  7. cute layers skirt! i have a corset top layered just like that too.

    i need some h&m, pronto!

    okay i need to link you issa.

  8. I love your skirt! You look fab!

    Don't mess with Texas, right?


  9. Hi Issa!! Thanks for the tag!! I'll asnwer it and post it on my FBlog as soon as I can!

    Geez... Jury?? What a BRAINY, stylish woman you are!!!

    I love your skirt!!

  10. oooh, been tagged again! thx!

    i love your top. the zipper in the back really makes it stand out. great find!

  11. you have the best skirts in the world!

    a kiss!!!

  12. loving the exposed zipper on the shirt.

    no state income tax? did not know that!

  13. I've never been to Texas, but it's on my list of places to visit. Can't wait to buy one of your skirts!! (I really want a black or navy one :P )

  14. The zipper on the back of that top is a nice surprise! So stylish, as always. :)


    the ONLY thing i would do different... i have to be honest, i think the skirt makes it look a little frumpy... i dunno maybe a pencil skirt or something shorter... there is just something off about the two together!

    please do not hate me!

  16. I love that skirt. <3 My fondest memory of jury duty is being called for it. And then buying a ticket to go to the outer isladns knowing it was the same day as my jury duty and that morning waking up and having it cancelled. I was so relieved. <3

  17. lol he's absolutely fine :P

    As for the skirt i really think its a lovely colour on you and yay that you didn't have to partake in jury duty lol. Seems like nasty stuff!

  18. That's a great-looking skirt, and I'm sure it was a very credible jury duty look.

    I love that bed!

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