everyone's doing it.

tshirt: ross, pants: banana republic, wedges: wet seal, sunglasses: kenneth cole

when i think of fantastic casual chic, i instantly think of roz. she's our resident casual chic extraordinaire, i'm sure you'll witness her fab styling soon enough.. in the meantime, you'll have to settle for my randomness..

so all over the fashion blog world i've been inspired by the many fabulous simple chic looks consisting of simple basics; slouchy trousers and tshirts... so i decided to try it on myself with whatever i already had in my closet.. i rolled up some really old banana republic pants, threw on a cheapy white tee($4.00 at ross.. i'm a total bargain hunter) and the gladiator wedges to pull the look all together.

i guess it turned out.. not terrible. i think i need new pants.



  1. i want gladiator wedges so badly, but every time i try them on, my mom tells me i look like a hooker and refuses to let me buy them. D:

  2. what! those wedges are from wet seal? they look exactly like my nine west heech ones that cost about 60. those must've been tons less and look amazing! i'm jealous! love the outfit as well. rolled up pants just look so summery to me. especially paired with gladiators. =)

  3. There was an outfit in either the June or July issue of Lucky mag that had rolled up MC hammer pants (you know, the ones with the pleats in the front that get narrow at the ankle?) and had a very similar feel...If I find the picture, I'll email it to you.

  4. love this look on you. and what a steal geting those from wetseal, i definitly got jipped by nine west lol

  5. @emily: aww.. i'm sure you can find some other fabulous wedges that are mom approved!

    @farren: thanks so much! and yeah i was totally surprised when i saw them at wet seal too!

    @kat: wow really.. i wonder how those look.. lol.

    @taghrid: thanks so much!! :) the nine west ones came out first i'm sure though!

  6. I see my Wet Seal wedges making their debut on your blog! :) Comfy and chic! Love it. Thanks for your comments! :)


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