"old" is the new "new"

mules, kenneth cole. skirt, francesca’s collections, $15 on sale.
shirt, ae, borrowed from sister. belt, uo.

(this will hopefully be the last of these horrid mirror shots, as my potential photog and i have scouted out a couple of places with promising backdrops for outfit shots. ;) )

with an impending wedding to plan and save for, i have imposed a shopping ban on myself for at least the next two and a half months (until our NYC trip, when the ban will be temporarily lifted). not that i'm that big of a shopper to begin with. i like to keep a fairly edited wardrobe, and this may sound ridiculous to some, but i do believe it's possible for one to own too much clothing (gasp!). besides, shopping bans give you an opportunity take inventory of your closet and rework old and outdated items into something fresh and new.

while i was organizing my closet the other day, these white leather mules caught my attention. i bought them at a kenneth cole outlet over five years ago for ten bucks, wore them maybe twice, and they have since then been collecting dust on a neglected shelf of my shoe rack. i'm not even sure why i bought them in the first place, as they're rather matronly and not really my taste. seeing an opportunity and a challenge, i decided to try to incorporate them into a more updated look. using issa's highwaisted skirt post as a springboard, i threw together this outfit for work.

again, not the most exciting outfit, but unlike issa and jeannie, i work for a company with a conservative dress code (until this year, we were required to wear pantyhose every day!). which brings up a point about age-appropriate and situation-appropriate dressing, a subject that should probably be elaborated on in a future post. ironically, because of the july fourth holiday this week, we were granted a casual week at work. even with the skirt, i think the utilitarian details of the shirt, the raffia belt, and the pops of white keep the look dressed down, and this outfit is a refreshing change from my standard work uniform of wool sweaters, slacks and pumps. i promise to start posting some “fun” outfits soon!

- roz


  1. ahh the blue shirt. which i'm obsessed with right now. you wear it well :)

  2. oh, this is cute! would you like to exchange links?

  3. I know what you mean about the "girly" stuff, I can't decide whether to stay away from them or partake in them? My Mother always tells me that I wear the old Hollywood look well, so I tend to come back to my girly-er side every now and then. Thanks for that comment! ♥

    By the way your pencil skirt in phenomenal and I love your shoes very much!! (=

  4. impeccable as always! potential photog eh?? that's what sistar's are for right?? or maybe fiancé's too..

    we need a shoot together so ppl don't confuse us as one person anymore :)


  5. well you both have cute style, then :) yes, definitely post some outfits together. ands thanks so much for the lovely comment, made my day! =)

  6. Such a great match! I think it is totally great to give this retro look a bit modern touch! The highwaisted pencil skirt is timeless and the bag highlights this beautiful outfit! Gorgeous xxxxxxxxxx


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