Making Do

So I guess it's my turn to contribute to this AWESOME blog issa started. I'm Jeannie (tokyostargirl) and I am probably the more crazy one out of the 3 of us (issa, Roz, & me). Although I'm not crazy ALL the time - thank goodness.

I just happen to be wearing this today to work. I didn't put much thought into it because I was running a bit late this morning, but thought I'd share anyway. I got this "dress" in Uniqlo in Tokyo. I think it was about $15. Most of the time I wear it as a dress (which is what it should be), but today when I put it on it felt a little shorter than usual (perhaps it shrunk in the dryer). So I decided to wear a skirt underneath it (I got this skirt made in Vietnam - I designed it and then had someone make it for me) and hike it up a bit so it wouldn't look too awkward. I also added a big belt to complete the look. It's pretty casual and comfy. As you can see, it's not one of my more crazier days. =)


  1. i like how your photo turned out!! next time include yo feet! :P

  2. I excluded the feet for a reason!!!


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