Vinnie and I (along with Brittney from Classy & Fabulous) recently made our way to Paris. "Recently," we visited in May.

What can prepare you for Paris? 

It was my second time visiting, and I still wasn't prepared. 

There are certain cities that you convince yourself that you'll have a kinship with. You've read the books, watched the movies, scrolled through the photos, and have decided there is where I'll go. There is where I'd be me.  

And then if you're lucky, you visit those cities and get to see if those assertions actually ring true. Paris was one of those cities for me, and it managed to live up those expectations not just once but twice.

And so I still wasn't prepared. Paris, please continue keeping me on my toes.
Places to visit:
  • Hotel Grand Amour (eat & stay for the perfectly furnished rooms & x-rated details)
  • Palais de Tokyo (stroll by the Louvre but come here for the art sightseeing)
  • Le Wood (come for the drinks and wood bar, stay for the croque monsieur and conversation)
  • Hotel Particulier Montmartre (eat & succumb to injury & extreme <im>patience trying to locate)
Paris travel tips:
  • You don't need that many shoes.
  • You definitely don't need that many heels.
  • "No color ever" isn't just a lifestyle, it's a packing necessity.
  • Pack that thicker jacket you were debating over (it won't take up that much room once you unload some of those shoes).
  • Say you really shouldn't be eating all this bread, but then accept & enjoy all this bread.
  • Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk.
  • Introvert? Nervous around strangers? Not anymore since you'll be begging everyone and anyone for the wifi password.
  • Wifi = "wee fee"
  • Cushion your sightseeing with hours spent meandering. And shopping.
  • Chanel (as are most luxury stores) is closed on Sundays; remember this as to avoid crying once you are standing forlornly outside the locked gates of the storefront.

Photos taken by Vinnie

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