Woodland themed Baby Shower

So I have a backlog of pregnancy posts but first up a very belated post for a few details from my Woodland themed baby shower from back in January.  Who knew Kale roses could be so beautiful?

Zara Dress
So I actually found this dress the day before my baby shower, i know super last minute but that's how pregnancy went for me.  If you follow Monica from Classy & Fabulous she's been sharing our pregnancy stories because there's just so much that's not included in the books that we found out ourselves.  My BFF CeoGlam hosted me a wonderful baby shower, that i helped out with the theme, details etc, and really all the small details came together perfectly in my opinion.

Gender Reveal cake - GIRL AND BOY
DIY Party favors - Trail Mix bags

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  1. Wow... This is awesome.. Thanks for sharing..



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