Office Space

Last month me and my work space were featured on Houstonia, it was quite the honor of being the first picked for the series, and while I'm slowly stepping back as a blogger, and into my new role as the Editor-in-Chief for Yellow Magazine, it's always nice to be recognized one way or another.  Sure I've been fashion blogging off and on since 2008, I may have hit my online peak back in 2009 before i took a sabbatical from it all (and that online world is fickle), but really the last few years have been a peak in regards to the local scene.   It turns out my creative outlet from back in the day has turned into a change of career for me in all realms.  Sure I'm still hustlin' everyday, fashion just doesn't pay.  But i'm enjoying all the things that i'm doing.  and that's really what matters.  plus now i can keep coloring my hair all sorts of cray.

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