whois wewearthings.

so of course we had to take photos along with THAT VIDEO - and since the theme was individuality - we went for our own distinct style.   and yet look how cohesive we still are!  ITS GOOD MAN.

overalls:  ASOS  |  crop: Forever21 |  shoes: Proenza Schouler  | hat: ASOS
so if you followed me here since 2008, I was working in IT using this blog as my creative outlet, and then a few years ago when i decided my job needed to also be creative.  i was all EFF THIS.  i'm going to start a creative studio and do graphic design, take pictures, not just stills but moving motion pictures, aka films, aka videos.  so that's what i did.  and after getting that figured out i decided to revive the blog which sorta died momentarily as i was figuring out my new career.  SO HERE WE ARE...

dress: Forever21  | shoes:  Saint Laurent (similar)
Yes, by day I am an actual librarian.  People tend to look at me in disbelief when they find out, but it's a job that fits my interests and personality perfectly. It's also a role that fits my blogger life--I voraciously read about fashion/style/culture/art, reflect on the knowledge, and aspire to share with you all through my posts. 

top: von vonni   | pants:  American Apparel  |  shoes:  Prada
Apparently, I am "the pinup." I suppose it's accurate-- I do love all things Marilyn, Bettie, and Julie Newmar. I believe in the power of serious curves, lacey underthings, black leather, cat-eyeliner, and red lipstick. In real life, I am your resident New York based beauty expert. Attractiveness is 80% confidence ladies. You have face: give it. For the other 20% come see me, the door is wide open.


  1. gorgeous photos and so great to learn more about you ladies!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. I love this! I love that each of you has a fun title! Wonderful pictures!

  3. These looks are adorable. Really love the artist look. mywhiteT.com

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