Destin, the road trip

9 adults and a baby in one car, for 9+ hours each way.  for 2 full days of white sand beaches and clear blue waters.  was it worth it?  of course!  a group of my friends decided it was time to do a road trip, so we hesitantly joined in. Houston to Destin, FL is a 9 hour drive without stopping.  of course we'd be stopping! in actuality  it was probably like 12 hours at least.  what with our stop at every Casino along the way. P_P  Lake Charles = bathroom break.  Biloxi = lunch break.  all in all it was a good amount of stopping and site-seeing along the way.  Arrived on Thurs night, and had Friday and Saturday to play on the beach.. not to mention the night as well.. where we did attempt some cool long exposure RAVE4EVA photos.  then on sunday it was back to reality and longest drive home ever.

and now for a little highlight reel i put together where you'll spot the currently WWT elusive DRU!!!, oh and some 80s references included. (but maybe not as good as this vid i made when we went to LA)


  1. Awesome post! love these pics!

  2. Wow this looks like a wonderful place to spend summer vacation! Lovely photos!


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