#laterblog: February 2013

Yellow Magazine lunar New Year 2013
Leather/Mix Dress: Neiman Marcus | shoes: YSL python Tribtoos (similar) | bag: Celine Trapeze
Sorry for the lack of postings - I srsly forget to take outfit posts lately.. BUT in the meantime some past event photos.. First from a YellowMagazine lunar new year party - Here I am with the owner of UZO umbrellas fancy side shaft umbrellas, you know so you really don't get wet during a downpour - pretty creative if you ask me, also a why didn't anyone think of this before??  and of course some obligatory photobooth photos!

WWT events photo
dress: H&M | leather jacket: ASOS (similar) | shoes: Proenza Schouler
wore this look for a banquet honoring one of my besties and angel Mandy, and if she's reading this. YOU'RE THE BEST!  been experimenting with bright lipsticks lately - this one is revlon's fuschia fushion (only $4.99 at target) go git him.


  1. You look lovely. And the events look fabulous!


  2. Lovely, Issa. The lipstick is great, I love it. Revlon's lippies (all of them), are some of my favorites. They always make great formulations.


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