breakfast at tootsies.

We wear things at Houston Tootsies
Had the pleasure of attending an early morning event at Tootsies with some fellow Houston fashion bloggers, checking out the latest trends for spring.   Lace, black&white, Green, and prints.
Some people may think Tootsies is strictly for the mature upper crust crowd, but they really have a good mix for all ages.  Sure they may carry Alexander McQueen, but they also carry BCBG.  I fell in love with this Clover Canyon dress... that i went back for it 2 days later.

Anyways Tootsies is totally ready for spring/summer.. whether you're traveling.. or for our hot and humid weather that's in the waits.

don't have a Tootsies nearby?  OR .. just like to shop online?  Check them out on FarFetch

in the meantime head to Tootsies facebook - to register to win $100 giftcard (you've got til 10am tomorrow)


  1. These are some lovely clothing styles. I love these new shoe styles.

  2. Wow that looks like it was such a fun event! Thanks for sharing xo

  3. My goodness i Cant keep my eyes off this pictures


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