just a breeze.

sweater dress: forever21 | leggings: target | flats: primark | sunglasses: asos

torrential rain storms? by passed.  warm front? acquired. SO NICE.  even this outfit was a bit warm.. but with dem crochet holes it was a nice bit of breeze.

 i know i've been SUPER lazy with outfit posts.  i blame the holiday busyness and the after holiday lull.  my 2 trees are still up.  :( :( :(  also chaotic schedule of a freelancer.  finishing up 2 projects made me grab my camera and snap these real quick.

in other news.  i need a hair cut.. WUT TO DO?


  1. Issa!! I know it's 11 days into 2013, but Happy New Year! Hope the new year has been good to you so far. :) Looking good as always. I love that sweater dress!

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. Love this sweater dress on you Issa! You look so Parisian chic!

  3. Super in love with this entire look! Sweater dresses are my saving grace right now (but then again it's also MUCH colder here).


  4. I got so tired of the long hair so I chopped it off. Let us know what you end up doing


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