a classic mix up.

dress: zara | leather paneled cardigan: line & dot | shoes: YSL

thanks to the Line & Dot for this leather paneled cardigan.. the leather is super soft and it fit perfectly.  i decided to add it over this drop waist dress from zara.. another one of my CLASSY LADY dresses from my closet that needed to be worn.  but ultimately i just really wanted to wear these shoes.
i was headed to the last night of Fashion Houston.. and wanted to be sure i got to wear these to it.  they would appreciate them right?  - at least i would feel good wearing them.

was a great week a few photos from the nights I went.  and more here on facebook
after the show.. went to the after party.  where i casually ran into Connor Barwin (texans player), casually as in ran over yelling his name and pleading for a photo.  jk jk.. maybe.  anyways wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!  now i'm off to go brine that Turkey.


  1. Loving those shoes, they are gorgeoussss! Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!


  2. Wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful shoes!!!! GAHH

  3. Love the outfit :)


  4. The blue YSL is so RAD!!! Love your pix. Wish you were with us in the green room, there were more of them texans...

  5. I love your hair... I may have to copy it..

  6. Elegant style and design, by the way, did you purchase them at http://www.upere.com/


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