heat wave.

top: asos | skirt: madewell
it's September and 99 degrees..  it's fine, it's fine.  with NYFW and the ss2013 lines coming out i'll forget my want for layers and jackets.  for at least a week.


keep up with a few of the shows starting today.  online.   http://www.youtube.com/user/LiveRunway


  1. Can you believe this is a "cold front" right now??

  2. Issa, I just like looking at homes for fun. It's fun to track real estate around Houston, particularly with zoning how it is here

  3. i don't mind the heat at all. it is still summer, right?
    love the maxi!
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Issa, you hottie! love this babe. it's still warm here too, but I can slowly feel it cooling down. thank goodness for a/c!

    xx Love & Aloha

  5. I KNOW THIS TOP. Scandalous Issa. <3

  6. Way to use the heat wave to your advantage! Cute outfit... the best I can do is sit in front of my hpc3000 and try not to melt into a puddle.

  7. Issa, don't you love that you can wear whatever you want for work? You always look so breezy and chic.

    And that skirt makes you look miles long. Jealz.

    But... so glad I don't live in Texas. I'm spoiled in Hawaii. If it gets hotter than 84F, I'm like, OMG, it's too damn hot here! Then I get in my AC'd car or office and I promptly forget the heat. By the time it's time to go home, there's a nice breeze and scattered clouds. :) LUCKY.

    Love and aloha, Mae // thereafterish.com


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