a quick update of things that happened over the past birthday week.. Versace, Uchi, JEREMYLIN, long island ice tea night, Dancing with the Stars, new glasses, valentine's, the hay merchant

had a busy week from hanging out with the BFFs to my local fashion icons Marc & Duyen and eating at new local hotspots Uchi (yes it is just as delicious as the Austin locale) and the hay merchant for some craft beers and fried pig ears. YUMMY.  in between working and shooting a gala with world champion dancers!  oh and i also ordered a pair of new glasses for "free" right now from coastal a good deal if you have a light prescription, lots of frames to pick from.

also reminder the shopbop giveaway below is ending soon!!


  1. Very cute post! Friends and family are everything. Here a post with some of my cousins:


  2. *.* this first pic is awesome...especially the drawn on headbands, earphones, and glasses :)
    xoxo Stephi

  3. Looks like a stellar time! That first picture is awesome, love it.


    p.s. Fried pigs ears? Are they any good??

  4. Such a cute post, it looks like you've been having so much fun!
    Lovely pictures


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