Technology Slow.

Shirt: F21, Pants: American Eagle, Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Greetings, wewearthingites! So, I am back from this technology fast thing, which felt like a technology slow. Sorry for the exhausted look in today's update- been pretty busy with, well, life, man. I wore this outfit some time in the past two weeks as the landlords are planning their move to Seattle by this week's end. It's been 2 weeks of going away "last time ever" sorts of activities, not to mention my usual day job and nights editing an endless stream of photos for clients.

Anyway, so a group of my friends decided to take on a 30 day technology fast, where we cut out mindless web surfing, tv, video games, and texting- pretty much any time you were having fun with technology, you should not. The whole point was to go out there and resocialize with people face to face. Calling them instead of texting. Only checking e-mails for work, not for the latest sales on ideeli or gilt. And to learn some new skill/ability. Admittedly, I cheated with the texting once, because Issa was calling me at the club and I was screaming into the phone and she still couldn't hear, so I resorted to a single text. The first few days of no internet surfing were pretty hard- I'd open firefox at work and start typing in a website address and would remember and close the window before I finished. It was almost reflexive. But over time, I stopped doing it less and less and soon I didn't miss it quite so much as I thought it would.

Instead, I did a bunch of other stuff. Granted, they're largely useless skills, but stupid things I've always meant to do/learn, nonetheless. In any case, we were supposed to showcase what we'd accomplished once the fast was over, but I think everyone just ended up hating the fast and calling it stupid.

During the fast, I decided I wanted to learn how to shoot video with a dSLR, so I scripted this out and once the fast was over, I borrowed Tramanh's Canon 5dMkII and shot it. Man, shooting video of yourself by yourself is HARD, man. Well, anyway, this is my first attempt of trying to shoot a video. My friend joked and told me NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU DID ON YOUR FAST. Eh, but still, I like to remember where the days go by so quickly anyway (plus, more opportunities to make bad jokes!):

The Technology Fast.
Oh yeah, and if you're ever bored, drop me a formspring! Issa will relay me the question and I will probably answer in some hilarious manner that doesn't even really answer your question. But hey, feel free to amuse me. KTHXBAI


  1. Dru. I love it.

    But your dancing makes me sad.

    Then I think about your 'Stache socks and then I'm happy again.

    Also, do you find that shooting HD video on DSLRs kind of sucks because there's no auto-focus function? Lots of Beauty Vloggers on YooChoob complain about the Canons not focusing.

    Great video. I might have to play this again later when the work day has gotten to me.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  2. Thanks! The dancing is actually an injoke between my friends and I when we go out, so that's not how I really dance (I actually dance much worse).

    As for autofocus, well, it's a little tougher to shoot because of the depth of field, but I don't care that there's no autofocus- you get a more "cinematic" look when you actually nail it. If you want things more in focus, just pump the aperture up to like, f/8 or something (which means you'll need good lighting). Them vloggers just need to play with their cameras more.

  3. This video is a bit melancholy and lonely. Does that mean technology is actually a friend? :)


  4. imo, making towel animals was the best skill you learned during your tech fast.

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  6. why are you so hilarious! love it.


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