Blazer: H&M, Shirt: AE, Pants: BDG, Shoes: Kenneth Cole

So I went to hang out with Issa the other day to ask about her abrupt disappearance from the internet. I came over to find her sitting on her couch wearing hot pink bebe sweatpants and she was firmly entrenched in a matching snuggie. On her feet were a pair of equally hot pink crocs.

"WOMAN, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER! THERE IS FASHION TO BE DONE!" I exclaimed. "I'm 30 man, " was her reply. Thirty, indeed, as the subject line indicated for the last blog entry on WWT in seemingly forever. Occasionally, she would absentmindedly reach over into a small container of bon bons and pop them into her mouth. "Being thirty is no excuse to forgo all rules of fashion," I said as I tried to reason with her. "Watchin' mah stories," was her rebuttal as she waved her hand away at me and instead focused on the korean drama playing on tv.

This entire event may or may not have taken place, but I suppose it is the best answer I can come up with until Issa decides to update the blag again.

In any case, I wore this outfit out on Saturday night before dancing my face off with Tramanh, Erica and co. The blazer (we fortunately had a cool spell so I could still wear blazers in March) and the shirt are actually hand-me-ups from the much more fashion-forward LilBro. Unfortunately, I have no money of my own to spend on fashion as I have to spend it all on camera lighting equipment. But one of these days...

Recently I was talking to Tramanh and Tu about acquiring a new pair of glasses. I actually wear glasses 99% of the time (I'm pretty blind- a few years ago I checked and I was -9/-10), save for those nights when I am going out and have to appear to be attractive. Unfortunately, my lenses have become super scratched and I cannot wear contacts comfortably for an extended period of time (I get dry eye pretty easily) so I need to try to find a better pair (equally unfortunate- my lenses generally cost $300+ so they can pretend to not be thick). I also asked for help in figuring out how to style my super-fine hair. "I WILL HALP YOU," Tramanh assured me. I can imagine this entire scenario turning into "She's All That", where that quiet nerdy person gets a makeover of some sort. And I will finally run into Freddie Prinze Jr. and be all "Am I a bet? Am I a F*CKING BET?!"


  1. Yay!!! A funny Dru post!! Very cool blazer! So when is this makeover with Tramanh? Honestly, I think your hair looks pretty good on photo.

    Issa has the 30's blues? You gotta make her snap outta it!

    ISSA! YOUR BLOG WAS THE FIRST BLOG THAT I EVER FOLLOWED! You inspired me to start one of my own. You're stylish and fashionable no matter your age!

  2. man, you're hilarious.

    love love love your posts.


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