Vest: Penguin, Shirt: Express, Jeans: BDG, Boots: Frye Company

Texas may have scorchingly hot summers and a conservative mindset, but we got everyone beat with the rodeo. I mean, what's there not to like? You've got meats, you've got deep fried everything under the sun, you've got music, and sometimes cute animals. Erica scored free tickets to see Keith Urban, so I jumped at the chance. I was actually a little worried this year that no one wanted to go and I would not get to eat fried things. So, this is the one time of the year I actually wear something paisley because, hey, when in Rome... I also borrowed some boots from Tu to wear- never wore boots before- I always thought my ankles could not bend enough to get up in there. I don't know how girls even put on knee high boots.

I'll always remember when one of my fave high school teachers said, "Criticizing a man's music is like criticizing his religion." And people take their music seriously. I'm kinda all over the place. It's funny when I listen to korean or japanese pop, no one says anything, but the second I put on some spanish pop or indian music, people are always WHAT IS THIS? To me, good music is good music in any language, or in no language at all. And country music is no exception.

Anyway, a few of us are going on a technology fast for the next 30 days, so you can breathe a sigh of relief now for Dru-free updates. Hopefully Issa will have stuff up in the meantime. See ya'll later!

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  1. WHAT??? A tech fast? No Dru updates? *sputtering in disbelief*

    Yeah, I know what you mean about music. I always get looks when I listen to metal rock or country music. I'm like WTH? Do I give you a look when you wear plain white t-shirt and jeans 5 consecutive days? Sheesh! Freedom to music!!


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