J Fashion - AM2011

photo  by kate ruggeri

this past weekend i was again the fashion show coordinator for Anime Matsuri.  last years was good but this years was pretty dang awesome if i do say so myself.  we showcased lines from both Hangry&Angry and sixH. - both lines are under the H.Naoto label (he designed a grammy dress for amy lee from evanescence) and not only that but the actual designers were present as well.. Gashicon for Hangry&Angry and both Mint and IBI from sixH. those guys even modeled in their own show.   Big thanks to Michael Kemper salon who did an awesome job on hair and Chris King for makeup.  Although J Fashion may not be for everyone.. it was a good show.  now for some photos:

photos by Jamie Diaz
and a few behind the scenes:
                                                            i was being bossy again this year.                                      me and izzy, my assistant for the night - he's super fab.

after the show me and the conchair deniece decided to jump into a photo session with the designers.
jrock band?
clockwise: deniece AM conchair, gashicon, Mint, me, IBI

the next day i decided to try to go a little Lolita for the day... didn't end up taking a photo of it until 1am..  everyone so tireds.

so that was my J Fashion fest last weekend... still a bit tired from it.. but looking forward to next year!
srsly i'll do a 'real' post soon.. haha  - be sure to check these guys out http://www.s-inc.com/usa/



  1. always an amazing event! :D Thanks for the photos!

  2. love these photos! thanks for sharing. looked like a great time!

  3. Cool! I wish we had something here. Looks great!

  4. What a fun job!! Way to rock the lolita!

  5. OHMYFUCKINGGOD--J Style fashion con! I'm so into it.

    HANGRY AND ANGRY??? WHAT? I used to listen to them when they were little pop girls in Morning Musume. Crazzzed.

    How are you so connected in the fashion world, lady? You need to give me some wisdom here.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!


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