The Quiet Ones.

Blazer: F21, Sweater: Banana Republic, Jeans: BDG, Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Ahoy, wewearthingies! I am back with another post not about fashion but more about stupid things in my life. Such is the outfit featured above. This is what I wore one sleepy Sunday morning the day after shooting the wedding reception of a couple in their 50's. They called me at 8:30 AM Sunday morning asking if I could shoot some additional family photos at Hugo's at 10:30 AM. Somehow I was able to answer that 8:30 AM call without that sexy, raspy, just-woke-up voice and agreed (very sexily, I might add).

Little did they know, however, that their mild-mannered, quiet wedding photographer ended up staying up partying with friends until 5:15 AM after shooting their wedding reception the night before. So folks, that shy quiet classmate or apartment neighbor just might have a secret life you don't even know about. And, I suppose conversely, that super outgoing social person may be sitting at home alone. People are weird.

Speaking of weird, this is what I wore to the Houston half-marathon this past weekend. Third year in a row (in costume), except this year's was the worst. Issa let me borrow (well, it's kinda gross now, so I suppose the proper word is "have") a Ghostbusters costume she got on clearance at Target after Halloween that was apparently made for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man as everything about this costume was enormous. Except, well, this year, I was sick and I had injured my right foot during training. On race day, it was so humid my glasses started fogging up at the STARTING line. It started raining halfway through. And then both my thighs and calves started cramping/charlie horsing at mile 7. I had to run the last 6 miles with four major limb segments cramped. It was horrible. And the cotton/polyester costume soaked up the water as well. But hey, I finished! I took this photo right after I got home- I look pretty gross and I suppose this is how Egon Spengler looked after a hard day's work. Side note: I ran holding that stupid gun for 13 miles. THE END.


  1. good job andrew! man, you had have gotten a good weight workout too with the costume weighing you down. anyone go up to you and say "who are ya gonna call?!"

  2. haha I got a lot of "who ya gonna calls" and then some people thought it was an oxygen tank and then some people thought it was a respirator and the weirdest one was someone who thought I was the verizon man

  3. congrats on completing the half with costume and gun. i hope you have had your rest and everything heals!

  4. Did you also run with your laces untied?! And is that a best costume medal? hahaha!

  5. And even with all the hardship you still managed to keep going! I would've thrown in the towel... congrats!



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