Game Changer.

Chúc mừng năm mới, wewearthingites! We kick off the start of the lunar new year with this special edition of WWT!

Game Changer: I don't throw around that term very often- once when I got my first nice leather jacket, once when I got my blue linen suit- but I will use that term for today's outfit:

Shirt: F21, Sweatpants: UO, Socks: My grandma knitted me those

Sometimes I feel like fashion isn't sexy enough. I mean, seriously, girls these days walk around with their boobs out, dudes are walkin' about in skinny pants that show off that buffalo knuckle. I mean, where is Bert Friedan's masculine mystique when you need it? Well, my fine fashiony friends, that masculine mystique is here. This outfit leaves everything to the imagination.


GAME CHANGER. I mean, who knows what is underneath those fantastic fleece-lined legs? Are there really ingredients tumbling down my leg to form a delicious burgar on my shin? If I had been wearing my jeggings, that mystique (and my third jeg) would have already been revealed. But you, dear readers, will never know what lies beneath. These fantastic fleece-lined pants are akin to adorning the finest, warmest silk in the kingdom. The burgar kingdom.

When these burgar pants first arrived in the post, I slipped them on and went upstairs and walked about the house and was gravely disappointed when no one acknowledged such tasteful attire (eh? EH?! GET IT?!). I was also faced with a bit of a fashion problem when they first arrived- what tasteful upper garment would most complement this burgary delight? According to the UO website, it was not some mid-riff baring top from Juicy (shocking, I know!), but a simple button-down shirt (in this case, I opted for a shirt that resembled a picnic table cover... for burgars). This led me to question one of the deepest unknown secrets in the fashion universe- does one tuck their undershirt into sweatpants? What is the rule for this matter?

I went back downstairs into my room (no, no, I do not live in the basement and definitely do not chug mountain dew: code red and play WoW all day) and pondered my existence shortly after.

Anyway, I am quite pleased with this new addition to my wardrobe, which includes such classics as the 3 Keyboard Cat Moon and Mr Splashypants.

And so, dear readers, let's start the new year off with my own personal motto:

Why be sexist, when you can be sexiest?

Now excuse me, denizens of the fashion blogosphere, I got some burgars to eat.


  1. there was too much reference to p33n in here.

  2. only one reference! it's ok, I'm not posting anymore for a long time. NO MORE CLOTHES :(

  3. LOLOL....

    I honestly can't believe you're wearing burgar pants. Like seriously, burgers, on your pants.

    I think the best part of this post, though, is your new motto. I die. Kthx.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  4. Love your grandma's socks


  5. this is hilarious. the end.
    bumming it like a celeb...

  6. Anonymous beat me to it. I also love your grandma's socks! They were the first thing that popped! Your posts are great! Keep'em comin' Dru!!! :D

  7. that's it! tell your grandma to start an etsy

  8. I like the combination of cap coat
    with brown footwear its really cool

  9. you are hilarious. i love your posts!

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