Houston Fashion Week - Cesar Galindo, Lyn Devon

Houston finally got its FIRST fashion week (split amongst two separate hosts).  And i was present for the first night of shows of the Audi Fashion Houston event.. The scene may have been a bit heavy on the socialite side, for Houston that was more than expected, but there was not a lack of some pavement stomping fashionistas mixed in.   Cesar Galindo, a designer originally from Houston started the show.. complete with ribbon cutting to kick off the weeks events.


The show ended with a standing ovation, as did every show after.  Something you'd rarely get at a fashion week event in another city.  The next show up was Lyn Devon, and I was pleasantly surprised by her cute feminine pieces just ready for spring AND she stuck all her models in flats, adding to the easy wear-ability of all of these pieces.
at first i may have felt a bit uncomfortable at the event.. that i'm not sure i belong here feeling..  but fashion can bring high-end and low-end together.. whether it be in clothes or people.   The night ended with Christian Siriano's spring collection... i'll save that for the next post. :)



  1. Oh never heard of him before, but liked the collection a lot, classy and sophisticated but yet youthful ;)


  2. I was at the same show! I think it's great Houston had this...I loved seeing everyone dressed up.

  3. I can't believe Houston hasn't had a fashion week before!! The shows you've displayed here are quite sophisticated. Definitely goes a long way in fighting that Texas big hair stereotype haha

  4. too bad i missed this show. last night's show was good too. i enjoyed it.

  5. Great entry. Did you take these, they came out really good. Makes me dread this coming canadian winter seeing the beautiful spring clothes.

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