i wearz things 2.

thanx 4 everyone noticing me when i sneakz into my mum issa's outfit shots. once i see that camera and bed made i immediately jump on the bed.. but sometimes she blocks me. :( such a diva.

anyway since the weather has been cooler i getz to finally show yallz that i wear thingz 2 as opposed to be bein nekkid all the time.. but then again nekkid is good too. *wink wink nudge nudge*

mash ringer tee: boots&barkley

once a cold front hitz it generally only stix around for a few days as it slowly warmz back up and when i turn bak 2 my favorite tee. this photo combines elementz i luv: me (i'm pretty sure i'm the best poser on here).. yeah, i think thatz it. o wait an' soft shirts. but not as soft as me. you'll just have to trust me on that or come check that out 4 urself.

puffer vest: target

when da cool front first came thru i even had 2 pull out the really warm clothez items like this puffer vest. it keeps me warm but doesnt restrict my armz, so u noe i can still give da ladiez ticketz 2 da gun show.

university of texas jersey: target

i wearz dis on saturdayz during the texas' game.. i like it cause itz loose and airy and that burnt orange really compliments me. plus itz a bit scenester with dat deep v so u can checkz out my hairy chest.

collared shirt: boots&barkley

this is my meet da ladies shirt.. i would go bare but with that skull detailing da hunniez dig it.


  1. Omg, I think my heart is melting :)

  2. your dog is killing me, he's so cute

  3. OMG ISSA i love your dog. he needs to meet my black little fluffball, booboo. booboo likes to wear a red adidas hoodie. i will have to do an outfit post for him on my blog soon!! they could be internet BFF dogs hhahaha. they are the same size and they look so much alike!!!

  4. adorable!

    I think Renji could go head to head with Savvy in the fashionable dog department. ;)

  5. LOL, I love how you wrote this in his perspective!
    The outfits are way cute, and he is ADORABLE! ♥


    P.S. Would you like to link? I would love to keep track of your blog on my blogroll.

  6. OMG! The pic with the jersey is the cutest thing ever!

  7. Ha, this is too good! Meet da ladies shirt is my fav

  8. OMG soooooooo adorable and cute.
    And all those little clothes, lovely :)


  9. oh

    thanks for the comment ISSA <3


  10. How adorable! I was going to make a similar post about all my dog's outfits, since I only dress him up around this time of year.

  11. Renji looks good in clothes! Uno has that same skull shirt from Target! Except he got fat and the velcro does not stay closed anymore. =( My dogs are bordering on too-big-for-clothes, so it ends up looking ridiculous.

    Yeah I was a little hesitant with shiny leggings too, but I like the textured ones from AA b/c the texture makes them look less shiny than the lame' ones. There's also a matte shiny one, but it reminds me of aerobics.

  12. Can we start an "I love Renji" fan club? I'll be president!

  13. I never liked dressing pets but your dog is utterly cute. This gets my endorsement!

  14. ugh renji, stop copying my posts and get some new material :((((((((

  15. Aw, so cute!!! I want a puppy too >_<

  16. I love your dog! I have a bichion frise - a fashion junkie and a total poser! I have the feeling that he and your cutie would be bitchez fo life :P



    Cute puppy, cute "outfits!" :P


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