the skirt giveaway

issarocks skirt giveaway!

it's the holiday season.. soon the mad rush for christmas shopping will begin (if it hasn't already) and with the busiest shopping day of the year approaching, i felt it fitting to kickoff the shopping craziness with a skirt give-away!

winner will receive an issarocks turquoise puff skirt!

here are the rules to enter:
- write a haiku (5-7-5, syllables) using the phrase "we wear things" and leave it in the comments
- be sure to leave your email address
- enter by Nov 30,
winner will be announced on cyber monday (dec 1)

o ya we wear things
and not just issa and roz
cause ninjas do too.



  1. haiku contest. you're pretty much my hero. i cant come up with anything so ill just keep checking back to see what peopel come up with!

  2. hahahah i already bought a black skirt from u so i think someone else should win the turq one :P im anxious to see the entries!!!

  3. They said things wore us
    Not sure how to reply. I just
    know we wear things


    We wear things that reflect
    Colour Form Patterns Texture All the elements
    We make the 'things' unique

    two for the price of one. hows that for a bargain?

  4. my first response, here
    we wear things is super cool
    happy holidays

    i realize that it's TOTALLY boring, but a haiku nonetheless! great idea for a contest!

  5. @ Ashley - just wanted to remind you to leave an email address if you win, so i can contact you!

    that goes for all entries :)

  6. soft, bright, notice and
    see with eyes and ears to hear
    we blessed we wear things



  7. This is an AMAZING combination!
    I adore it!!!!

  8. great givaway, but I don't wear skits, so excuse me from it :)

  9. Such a cute idea guys! I'll be sure to submit something just because I love haiku and poetry!

  10. i love that skirt!!
    && thanks for your comments :)

    good luck with the contest, I will try to think of something <3


  11. Oh my god that's so awesome! You guys are seriously the coolest.

    I've decided to not think about this haiku too much, so here's my spur of the moment, entirely non-artistic and literal one...

    Modern Guilt loves issa,
    roz, dru, the we wear things crew
    the skirt is awesome

    P.S. I could not decide whether or not 'issa' was one syllable or two, so I made the executive decision that it was one :)

  12. oh! my email address!


  13. I thought we agreed
    Girls send me their pics, number
    And I choose winner


  14. Ugh the contest rules
    Do not let me pick the real
    We wear things winner


  15. The phrase we wear things
    Takes up three fifths of a line.
    Ugh, seriously?

    The alternate ending was:
    "Why so serious?"

    Ok, ok, I'll stop submitting.

  16. I'm opting myself out by not including "we wear things". You'll see why :)

    Pretty turquoise puff
    If clutter were not my woe
    Yet I still want you

    Daily I would wear
    Different tops and different shoes
    With turquoise froufrou

    Other clothes will cry
    "And us? Don't you love us too?"
    There sure will be war

    Dress and jeans army
    Top tight shoes and froufrou bombs
    All the clothes will die

    I'll walk 'round naked
    Reflect back to pre-war days
    Days when I wore things

  17. >_< so much for my literary skills. the 5-7-5 is syllables not words. *fool* Will collect my thoughts, and re post

  18. It seems there are talented people doing haiku... not me...
    But what a great idea for a contest.
    The skirt is soooooooo lovely.


  19. I'm hopeless with games like that. I'll leave it up to experts.


  20. Oh we love your skirts, Issa!
    Here we go:

    Asian Cajuns dream
    of pouffy turquoise bubbles
    and We Wear Things' style.


    Asian Cajuns love
    Issa's magical puff skirts
    Dru, check blog for pics.


    Hmmm... a bit cheeky. Can haikus be cheeky?

    Thanks for the lovely comments on our blog!

  21. i love the teal and yellow together. you were seriously made to wear these skirts. unfortunately, poetry was never my forté...

  22. happy thanksgiving
    gobble gobble we wear things
    freebies from issa!


    MADE hearts we wear things
    shop online and save today
    forty percent off!

    hi issa! don't hate me for the shameless plug above :) your skirts are're one talented lady!

    First Lady of MADE

  23. I'm going to stand back and watch the fun. :D

  24. hi issa! i received your black handmade skirt today and i think it is my new fave wardrobe piece. i love your note and the turq paper/turq tag on the skirt. looks very professional and worth MORE than $30 :P thank you for the awesome customer service and i will def buy from you again! since i love the skirt so much i'm going to join this haiku contest :) i'm so excited to wear it and i will def post soon wearing it :) :) :)

    we wear things not bling
    and dru dresses like a king
    that don't mean a thing!

    ahhahaha sorry dru, i just adore your posts.

  25. Love the blog and the skirts. What a fun idea.

    All pretty in blue
    Issa rocks it out; Let me wear
    we wear things skirts too

  26. we wear things we wear nothing
    choices we have or tear...

    Whatever... lol ;)
    Always luv all your puff skirts dear...all abt propotions & cut!

  27. Them puff skirts seem to be al the hype right now :o)

  28. I love that sirt, what a beautiful picture.

  29. Here is the reason I should have paid attention in primary school when learning Haiku's. I knew it would come back to haunt me eventually.

    Please give me your skirt
    It is the nice thing to do
    We wear things equals love

    stompface + haiku = bad

  30. We like pretty things
    We wear things, those things
    Everyday we wear them

    I remember that being much easier in elementary school! :) My sounds like Dick and Jane. LOVE the skirt!

  31. omg! I'm super obsessed with your skirts Issa! I already bought 2...but I'd super love to win one too. Here's my haiku...

    It’s so we wear things
    But for who can’t dress themselves
    Issa Rocks makes skirts


  32. ugh. forgot my email addy:

  33. I-T girl by day
    Issa hand makes them with love
    blogs on we wear things.

  34. ps my husbando proposed with a double haiku. so haikus are near and dear to me =)

  35. We were born naked.
    We learned better. Now stylish,
    we wear things (quite well).

    The skirt is beautiful and it's fantastic to see all the looks with it that you've posted. Thanks for running the contest.

  36. Your website is so stylish.
    Cute clothes, fabulous people, and doggie cameos.
    I heart We Wear Things!!!

  37. oh addy: (but i think you know that!)

  38. p.s. i'm an idiot and i dont know how to do haiku! is a new one:

    Fabulous website!
    Cute clothes, fashion, people, and puppies.
    I heart We Wear Things!


    (i love your skirts!!! i would buy, but i'm a bit low on cash :( )

    blame eve for our plight
    but i adore her because
    we wear things. pretty things.

    lame, i know. but i tried :)

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