great minds think alike

shirt & skirt, F21. tights, marshalls. booties, nine west.

i wore this when i was not studying on friday night and instead went to dinner with the fiance at our favorite hole-in-the-wall sushi restaurant. the plaid shirt is another recent purchase from forever 21, and it has quickly become my new favorite shirt. its got that soft flannel feel and a couple of little quirks (that are hard to see in the pictures) like a detachable hood and drawstrings at the bottom hem.

shirt: old navy(boys); bandage skirt/studded belt: target; boots: tommy hilfiger

after sneaking a peek at roz's draft with her in her fabulous blue plaid flannel top, i noticed that we both wore eerily similar looks last week.. so we thought collaboration post! here's my version of the plaid shirt with black skirt and boots! i picked up this shirt a year ago in the boys section at old navy.. i ended up belting it at the waist with a skinny black studded belt for a bit more shape.. i unknowingly covered my belt with the awkward posing... sorry!

last week, the fierce femme nina tagged us to share our "11 Things", and since we're doing a joint post, this is a great opportunity for the both of us to share a little about ourselves:

1. Clothes Shop
roz: the internet...i'm a huge online shopper!
issa: i tend to find great steals at stores like ross, marshalls, tjmaxx, and target!
2. Furniture Shop
roz: crate & barrel, west elm for the more affordable stuff
issa: crate & barrel & z gallerie
3. Sweet
roz: dark chocolate anything
issa: cupcakes!
4. City
roz: san francisco
issa: orvieto, italy
5. Drink
roz: water, coffee or tea (non-alcoholic), grey goose & tonic or pinot noir (alcoholic)
issa: water, english breakfast tea with cream, a glass of pinot grigio or pinot noir
6. Music
roz: common, mos def, the roots, alicia keys, janet jackson, coldplay, midlake, prince
issa: junior boys, are you offended, yeah?, beirut, the cure, harry connick jr, yann tiersen.. i like a variety of music...
7. TV Series
roz: jon and kate plus eight (yeah, seriously)
issa: Lost (matthew fox <3)
8. Film
roz: life is beautiful, love actually, amelie, the professional
issa: Am
èlie, the beach, about a boy, trainspotting
9. Workout
roz: kickboxing, dancing
issa: running, dancing!!
10. Pastries
roz: love 'em all!
issa: french macarons
11. Coffee
roz: cold-brewed coffee w/ soy milk
issa: cappuccino

we're tagging --
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- roz & issa


  1. oh yeah tartans are back dude !!

  2. i love that f21 shirt, i bought it about a couple of weeks ago and just can't get enough of it!

    <3 your blog.

  3. very chic and hawt, so stylish you are.
    it would really cool it that red blouse had like an unoticable belt, so it makes it more tight fitting.

  4. i want to do plaid too.... have to think of something.

  5. love learning more about you gals!
    check check on the dark chocolate and cold brewed coffee!

  6. that plaid top is F21? unreal. i love scoring great finds that everyone thinks are really expensive :)

  7. Can't get enough of that blue plaid top. Love the skirt in both sets. Wonderful looks, as always. :)

    PS: Thanks for the lovely SUPPORT!*

    xo/ fashion chalet

  8. I'm loving those shirts - how funny that you post this today as I spent 20 minutes digging around in my closet looking for my fave plaid shirt to throw over my dress but couldn't find've just inspired me to organize my closet so that doesn't happen again :)

  9. Thanks for your comments! I love your style, especially that red/white shirt, black skirt & boot combo.. simple and fabulous! Yeah, Vika was shot by the sartorialist. She's so amazing! Hope to see you around..


  10. loveee the outfit! the boots are fantastic!

    and yes to us for having such small feet!

  11. Oh, adore the plaid. I keep meaning to pick up some kind of fitted shirt. Soon, I think.

  12. Your plaid ensembles are gorgeous!!! I love Roz's blue plaid.. and Issa's red one... both look so cute paired with skirts!!!sigh... why do I only have 1 plaid top???

    Cupcakes!! Lost! heehee

  13. Love the plaid!

    AND AHH, MATTHEW FOX!!!! Except I really adore Sawyer more.

  14. i love that plaid shirt. i want it too. The color is great.

  15. LOVE both shirts!!! And totally love both your film choices, annnnnd breakfast tea is amazing no?! Annnnnnd thank you so so so so so much for the tag :) Will get around to it soon!

  16. Both shirts are great!!!
    I'm in love with plaid right now.


  17. I like your second shirt, I prefer red tartan -don't know why:S-

  18. You look supercute! Both shirts are brilliant!

  19. I just tried that F21 top in red today. Eeeeeerie.

  20. What great plaids! And #3, oh, #3.

  21. gotta say, San Francisco is right up there for me
    love the plaid-iness here

  22. bravo for plaid and boy shirts!

  23. cute outfits, though i think the first is my fav of the two! nice!

    xoxo hope u enjoyed your day! :D ttyl!

  24. YAY for boys/guys shirt!
    I steal my brother's. lol

    CUTE, CUTE outfits!

  25. lovee all the plaid shirts everywhere.
    so cute!

  26. Plaid is so in right now and you ladies look awesome in it! I like that a more dressed up and a casual look were both featured =)

  27. Another great blog to add to my link list :D Great outfits! I'll be reading often

  28. great to know more about you - we like the same movies ;)

    By the way love the plaid shirts

  29. i love the cure. <3 and trainspotting was awesome. i like things like this. you get to know a bit more about people than from their usual posts.

    and i love both of your plaid looks. =)

  30. I love the blues and greens on that shirt.

  31. I'm a little scared of plaid but you show here how it can be done well!

  32. I saw that blue plaid shirt at F21 the other week and couldnt decide. You make me regret not getting it! Love your blog.

  33. You always look amazing and effortless!
    ZOMG, Jon and Kate plus 8 is one of my favorite shows

  34. Plaid + cute skirt = love


    I really do love you girls, your style is incredible.

  35. awesome collaboration entry! :) it was a funnn read.

  36. i LOOOOOOVE jon & kate + eight. the kids are so adorable u just wanna eat them up. and about a boy is def. one of my faves. that movie still cracks me up even tho i've watched it a gazillion times. thanks for doing the list! i loved how you guys both posted your answers together.

  37. i am hearting plaid too. need to add plaid shirts to my closet. I realized that I gave away a few of my plaid shirts last winter. am totally regretting it now!

  38. How stylish are you both to like Pinot Noir!


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