just your regular old BFF bloggers from houston. we wear things. and sometimes we blog about it.

how. when. why

it all started with me posting some outfits on FabSugar...

oh the good 'ol days of attempting to remain anonymous on the web.  times have changed haven't they? and now you all know what MAH FACE looks like.. anyways i was already blogging on my personal blog, and in 2008 decided along with some friends to start a fashion blog.  actually i started it, but was still pretty shy about the whole thing so i named it WE WEAR THINGS, with the hopes that this would be a FRAND blog, a collaboration of sorts.  to display our varying styles.. and being just slight above the average aged fashion blogger at the time thought it would be a good mix.  then on Dru's birthday that year i gave him special access.. so he could reach SO MANY GORLS at one time..  in the end it was mainly me, with a little bit of Dru holding up the fort.  i started an etsy, sold a bunch of skirts. did a bunch of giveaways, had lots of commenters, commented back to a lot, made blogger friends.. then by the end of 2010 i got tired, and busy trying to start variancelab - that the blog nearly died for 2011.  which leads to today. BLOG REVAMP and a We Wear Things Facebook page - better late than never?   anyways we're essentially back. reviving our blogging life.  AND now jump to 2013 and we've added a few new players to the field - with Alice a makeup artist from NYC and Fifi who's got the coolest style EVAR... who knows who else will pop up on here. 

the cast.

issa fashion blogger

30s. THE EDITOR.  pronounced is-sa.   Wife. Texan. Longhorn. IT. Creative. Craft. Cook. Traveler. Kdrama watcher. Sekrit Party Gorl. Entrepreneur. Media Communications, Film, Philanthropist.

20s. HAWT GORL. Edgy but classy y'all.  Librarian. Ice Cream Lover.

30s. Texan. Longhorn. Bio. MBA. Photog. The Bachelor. TGFO.


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