Moonrise Kingdom Baby Party

So i have been blatantly MIA from the blog and pretty much life outside of my house for over a year now.  The reason?  Well if you follow my scant instagram feed as of late you'll see it's filled with more shots of babies or food than #OOTDs - So back in March my two little unicorn babies turned 1! And we celebrated with a Moonrise Kingdom themed party in our neighborhood park.  My sweet wild and wilder one.  While frantically decorating the park which turned out to be a wind tunnel at the park and wrecked a few decor ideas that day but it all turned out well in the end, although I barely remember the party. -_-*  Thank goodness for a few shots from their good 'ol uncle dru!

with Auntie Fifi

Moonrise Kingdom theme invites!
i should have take a photo of these before they got all warped from the wind.

cake and sugar cookies: wink by erica | donuts: shipleys | photos by studiodru | smash cakes and decor by me

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  1. WOW! Now that's creative. I like how you used twigs to spell out the name and put the donuts on the board creative exposure of the deliciousness. Your photographer did an excellent job at capturing the essence of the event. I think i may have to borrow some of your ideas for our 1 1/2 year old on his 2nd B-day party :) - Thanks!


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